Saturday, June 27, 2009

The position has been filled.

Little Cuddlebug is about to turn 7. In the spring, she finished up her first year in the grade school program at Bible Study Fellowship. There she met a little girl named Sydney, but Sydney moved away. And then there was Rachel. On the last day of class, the two exchanged addresses.

Since then, Cuddlebug has written to Rachel more times than I can count. She wrote to Rachel to tell her what she had been doing this summer; she wrote to Rachel to share with her the fact that she was still waiting for a reply from Rachel; and she wrote to Rachel to guilt her a little bit about her civic duty to write back to her.

And when none of that worked, she pestered Dumpling to step up as the big sister. I know, because I found a letter--from Dumpling to Rachel--politely, but firmly exhorting Rachel to be about her civic duty and write back to her sister.

But really, at this point, I almost hope Rachel never replies. God knew what He was doing when He gave these two souls to the same family 26 months apart. Really, why should either look further than the other side of the room when she wants to play with a fun friend?


Granny said... sweet. Bittersweet. I had a couple of experiences like that as a child and can really relate. And I had no sister to help make it all better...

Madeleine said...


They sure are precious and I love how really, truly, she doesn't have to look but across the room to find her best friend.

Samuel had a penpal he wrote to that never wrote back. He was bummed, too.

Dawn said...

Cuddlebug and Care Bear are almost the same age - she'll be 7 on August 31. I wonder if they'd be friends.

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Oh...I'm *sure* they would be fast friends, Dawn!

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Rachel never wrote, but I did find a way to contact her mother! To my great relief, the feeling is mutual between Rachel and Cuddlebug, and a play date is being planned. Siblings are invited.

Erna said...

The blessing of a sister close by! I never had one but am glad my girls have each other. :0)

I read the comment about your follow-up with Rachel's mother . . . how nice to have a play date with siblings included! I hope they all have a wonderful day!

It was great to get caught up here today. :0)