Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey...

More of Him; less of me.

More listening; less instructing.

More patience; less guilt.

More building up; less tearing down.

More ease; less weight.

More charity; less recompense.

More beauty; less style.

More togetherness; less "ministry."

More in the moment; less for the future.

More flexible; less brittle.

More resolve; less compromise.

More humility; less authority.

More general; less specific.

More people; less networking.

More compassion; less disdain.

To work with my hands, to be about my business quietly, to love mercy, to do justly--to walk humbly with my God.

These are the things for which I am trusting the LORD to teach me anew as I seek to return to my first love...that wondrous, far-away place that flowed with the milk of His salvation and the honey of His love when first I confessed my sin--my need--and received Jesus as my King. It was the land of my rebirth after He led me out of the bondage of my Egypt: the place where Self sat upon the throne and addiction disguised itself as freedom.

I didn't know much for the first years. I lapped the milk of the Word and didn't give a second thought to the meat that would come later. I was busy relishing the liberty that swelled in my soul: liberty to say no! to sin rather than to enjoy its fleshly pleasures and be indebted to its death; liberty to know and be known of the One Who made me; liberty to stop kicking at the goads and take up my side of the yoke and simply become who the LORD made me to be.

But the meat came too quickly, and though I was confused and discouraged, I did not choke. Instead, I gathered with others in a simpler place until my teeth budded and I could better chew the truth and beauty of this glorious God Who is the same yesterday as today and will be tomorrow.

Today I'm thinking that it's a beautiful thing to realize that He sees us in our Egypt--our house of bondage. And when our suffering is ripe, we cry aloud for rescue and He leads us out because He is so merciful. And sometimes fear and uncertainty drives us to doubt or whine, but even so, He seeks to save us from our trouble in the dry desert riddled with serpents. Some do not believe and so they perish in the midst. Others obey Him and look to the sin staked upon the pole--and live.

The gift of eternal life came like that: Jesus Christ was made sin and nailed to a cross. Saved from our common condemnation are those who look to Him--from every tribe and nation--any who will take heed of His existence by the evidence of His creation and then seek to know Him more fully in the revelation of His Holy Word.

It's there that you may seek peace and pursue it....


Lucie said...

Wonderful post, Mommy! How true.

theoneaboutus said...

Yay, she's back!
I always look forward to reading your perspective on things.

karly said...

Did the Lord speak softly to you these words so that you may write them for me?

Beautifully written, GB. Thank you for being a willing witness.

Emily said...

Thank you, GB. This was such a timely encouragement to me as we leave our day of rest, our foretaste of heavenly rest, and continue our 40 days of waiting for Easter morn.

Joyful Days said...

Thank you for sharing your heart. What a blessing to read.

Peace in Christ.


MiPa said...

How I've missed your wisdom! Thank you for blessing my morning with a wonderful start. I'll be meditating on this all day.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Thank You, GB.

sara said...


Elise said...

Thank you for sharing such lovely, thoughtful posts lately, GB. This one especially breathed peace in me, and reminded me to fall on my knees in thanks to Him. xoxo

Charree said...

What a beautiful post.

Erna said...

Good to see you back! What poignant words. :0)

Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

More...and less. That's a theme around here these days as well. You've said it beautifully, and I am blessed. Thank you. Bless you. Glory to God in the highest!

liz said...

Wow! Great post. Thank you.

staceyhoff said...

"More patience; less guilt."

I really like that one right now!
When I am patient, resting in God, TRUSTING in God, then I am
never feeling guilty-- if I am impatient, restless and trusting in my own ideas and understandings, I do feel guilt.
I know inside that I am not trusting in God and leaning not on my own understandings.
Why do I want to do that so much when He clearly knows everything, knows the absolute best,and is GOD? Silly! He is the vine, I am the branch-- the fellow grafted branch ;)

Dillo said...

Your message resonated. Deep post that I'll have to re-read. You are always thought provoking and good to read.

I'm adding you to my new (wahoo) blogroll!

titus2woman said...

~in tears~ This just makes me wanna ~breathe~.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi